Historical look at travel companions and other escort services

If Samson hadn’t procured the services of a professional, well cultured and knowledgeable escort service, the philistines would not have captured him. Maybe the ensuing conversation would not have led to how he gets his strength; maybe they would have discussed daily politics and not arts of war. In the same breadth, Israelites have professional escort services to thank for their victory in bringing down the walls of Jericho, their spies were housed by Rahab, a knowledgeable escort who was a favorite of Jericho’s nobilities of high rank, she fed the spies all there was to know about Jericho’s social-cultural situation, and also the military form of the city. After the invasion, she married one of Israelites high ranking persons. Premium escort services are not new, they have been there across different cultures, the need for noble and high ranking men in society to have the companionship of not just women, but sophisticated women who can easily fit into their high social spheres without openly being seen as escort service is a niche market that has always been in existence. Here are a few examples from ancient times to modern Los Angeles escort services:

Ancient East

The near east had what you’d call Houses of Heaven, basically temples, shrines, and other deity worship places, where sacred escorts worked for the gods. Records going as far back as 2400 BC had the goddess Ishtar being serviced by priests and the 3 ranks of sacred escorts. The highest ranking of them could only be found within the temple, the second rank would be within the temple grounds to serve temple visitors and the lowest rank were found next to the temple streets. Another goddess Ashtart, was served by male escorts in her temples.


The bible had escort services, from the story of Samson, to the fall of the walls of Jericho. Even Mary Magdalene was said to have worked as an escort, of course fans of the Da VinciCode would vehemently argue against this biblical presentation of Mary Magdalene. Sodom and Gomorrah, Babylonians, name it, the oldest job on earth was there before Jesus turned water into wine, or got lost in the temple.

Aztecs and Incas

Cihuacalli is a term meaning house of women. These are the houses the Aztecs had for escort services. They were usually situated in enclosed and exclusive compounds that had rooms overlooking a patio central to the compound. Right in the center was the goddess Tiazolteoti, patroness of midwives, steam baths and purifier of any human mating ritual performed in her presence. The Incas took it a step further by having something similar to the Aztecs, only that their escort services even had a government appointed supervising agent, maybe to ensure quality was adhered to…not a bad agency job, huh?

Greeks and Ancient Romans

Greeks had what they called cortesians. Cortesians were very sophisticated, they were well cultured and interacted with the high society nobility. They were well read and could hold conversations on any topic that interested whoever they were offering companionship to, be it art, music, dance, art of war governance or discuss Plato and Aristotle views of the world. The romans were the most liberal, maybe due to the fact that theirs paid taxes to the state and had a patron whom was worshipped by the romans, Venus. Business boomed in April when Venus, the goddess of fertility and love and chief patroness of escort services was celebrated. The romans even had a name for these registered service, Metretix.