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Our Muslim brothers and sisters did not miss out on the fun; they had harems, the most favorite part of any high ranking or prominent Islamic man’s home during the ancient period.


The Greeks had cortesians, the Japanese called theirs Oirans. The Oirans had ranks, with the Tayu being the best of them all. The Tayu were sophisticated and well versed in poetry, dance, music and even calligraphy. They were well educated and could hold sophisticated high society conversation like their Greek counterparts. They also set the fashion and art trends among the women of Japanese high society.


The Indian version of Japanese Tayu and Greek cortesians were the Tawaif and exclusively served nobility. They were professional entertainers and as sophisticated as their well cultured counterparts halfway across the globe. The Hindu version of the Tawaif was the devadasi, who served in Hindu temples.

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